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Did you know… that the only two signers of the Declaration of Independence who later became President of the United States were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson?

"The essence of America - that which unites us - is not ethnicity, or nationality, or religion.  It is an idea - and what an idea it is:  that you can come from humble circumstances and do great things.  That it doesn't matter where you came from, but where you are going."  Condoleezza Rice 

Anthology Collection Volume III

Cpl Douglas Singleton is a Marine veteran who served his country honorably in Desert Storm. He was the first veteran that Roots for Boots assisted.  He suffers from PTSD and writes poetry as not only therapy for himself, but hopes that his work will help fellow veterans and others suffering from this "invisible wound".  Roots for Boots is honored to be able to assist Cpl Singleton to print and distribute his poetry books at no charge to him. We continue to serve this hero and are honored to provide him an outlet for his poems that have already touched the hearts of many. His 2016 edition is now available.

Cpl Singleton
US Marine Corps

God Blessed America

America is blessed
by God’s holy grace
rising above whatever
we may face

God’s always there
to see our heroes through
no matter where they go
or whatever they must do

Christ died to make men holy
our soldiers die
to make men free
we honor the great sacrifice
they made for you and me

Thanks to our brave warriors
who serve us faithfully each day
we still have the freedom
to worship and pray

As long as we are faithful
the Lord will remain
on our side
giving us the courage
to never run or hide

Because this is God’s chosen land
forever protected by His mighty hand
we still are the land
of the free because
of the brave
but only through blessings
and mercy God gave

An American Warrior

An American warrior is
filled with truth and love
and strength from the
Lord above

Always there to make
things right
promoting peace
to avoid a fight

Going above and beyond
when duty calls
honoring every brother
that falls

An American warrior
is truly your friend
fighting for you
to the very end

Taking Freedom For Granted

We should honor every single
warrior especially those who fell
because those brave men
been through a living hell

But it’s so easy to go about
our day like we do
and never even think about
what they’ve been through

We just take our freedom
for granted each and every day
as another warrior just
gets blown away

So many people say well he
chose to go and fight
it’s ignorant people just like
that who don’t know wrong from right

It takes a brave person to
stand up for what is right
but it takes an even
braver one to leave their
home and fight

So it’s about time that you
wake up and see
that many paid a very high price
just to keep you free

Men of Honor

Ever since I fought in the war
I respect those who have died
for us even more

I now understand the great
hardships one must endure
and that our country and
freedom are worth fighting for

I now understand the sacrifices
of every man called to war
and how those who died
even sacrificed more

I now understand how a soldier’s
family makes sacrifices too
and how they wish they could
be there to watch over you

I lived it and saw it with
my own two eyes
and it’s always sad when
a soldier dies
and it’s also sad when
his mother cries

I may not know
all the men that died
but I do know they were
men of honor and pride

Becoming a Leader

Only Christ knows my real deal
some days I don’t even know
how I feel

I need strength from God each day
and I also need Him to show
me the way

I’ll remain with God at all costs
because I’m like a child that’s
weak and lost

But I know if I continue
to do what’s right
He will guide me to the light

Then the Lord will give me
all the strength I need
to no longer follow but finally lead