"The entire Roots for Boots family has restored my husband's (retired veteran) faith in humanity.  Operation Phoenix was more than a deck build for my family and I.  Christy, Scott, Eric, Ben, Rob, Karen, Mike D. along with the rest of the R4B family are the most selfless, giving and loving individuals that I know. Highly, highly recommend!" - K Adair


"Would like to take the time personally to thank you for all you do.  You are the glue that holds so many Veterans together.  God Bless.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I will always hold you in high esteem.  Super Person.  Thanks again from and old Veteran" - Hanover, PA veteran (with a big heart)


"You truly are a guardian angel to those of us who have fallen a bit behind.  I cannot express in words what your support has meant to both of us over these past few months.  Thank you is not enough and it's not enough to say I am grateful for everything!!  Keep doing the great work you are doing and always remember that you are truly impacting lives every day!" - SSG Steven Taylor, 12 Year Army Combat Veteran


"This (ramp/patio/driveway to enter/exit his home in an electric scooter) will make all the difference in the world to me.  She's my hero."- Sgt Jack Groft, USMC Vietnam Veteran


"You just overwhelm me with your kindness and generosity.  You work hard with what you're doing and I don't know how to put into words my gratitude."- Steve Terwilliger, 5 years active duty Navy, 3 years PA Air National Guard, 4 years PA Army National Guard, 8 months active duty for Desert Storm


"Thank you Roots for Boots for your leadership and devotion to service members.  We appreciate all you did in making yesterday's dreams a reality.  Beautiful! ... We were blessed to have these wonderful people join us.  Thanks to the Roots for Boots leadership the event was an inspiration of service and celebration."- Lela Reichart (on Operation Restoration), wife of Captain Brian Reichart


"You never cease to amaze me.  The event (Operation Restoration) was elegant and reverent.  From the decorations to the declarations ... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for today." - Toni Weaver, wife and caregiver to a Vietnam Veteran


"Reading your email brought me to tears, my grandfather was the most amazing person I have ever met, his love for his family and kindness to everyone was and still is unmatched.  Thank you for your organization and helping service families.  You honestly don't know what it (partnering with Annunciation BVM Church's Women of Mercy and Joy to provide a Thanksgiving meal- Roots for Boots also gave over $500 in assistance for the holidays) means to us." - Angel Clarke, granddaughter to WWII veteran, Felix J. Calgary


"You guys are so kind and generous.  Your hearts are huge ... so are your nurturing spirits.  You've gone above & beyond in what you've done (& continue to do) to help veterans ... I am, of course, ESPECIALLY grateful for all you've been doing for me." - OSSN Kareema Griest


Cpl Singleton is the first veteran assisted by Roots for Boots - he expresses his gratitude beautifully in a way that only he can ...through a poem (get inspired by more of his poems in the Events section)!

Unsung Heroes

Not all heroes wear a uniform; like those who help me weather the storm.  My friends at Roots for Boots are always there to help me through; real heroes just doing what they do. Always willing to go above and beyond answering the call; true heroes serving heroes and giving their all.  They're unsung heroes without a doubt; always there to help me out- Cpl Douglas Singleton, Gulf War Veteran

"Christy, we all look forward to retirement.  But when one has to retire a couple years early due to health issues, tends to change what we hoped for.  It's been difficult for me the past couple years.  And then, you came along, helped me pay off my vehicle, get a spare tire, mirrors and now heating oil.  I'm just amazed that there are people out there that want to help us vets.  I've gone thru two winters with very little heating oil, and trying to stretch the oil keeping the T-stat at 64-65 degrees, well, summer time that is great, but in the winter, in an older home, it's cold!!  I could never have imagined that you would fill my tank so I'd have more heating oil than I've had in the past two years, and I'm so grateful.  I'm looking forward to my bones not shaking and maybe climbing into a warm bed ... lol.  Thank you so much for everything you've done for me over the past few months.  I will be forever grateful for your kindness and efforts to help me, not just as a vet, but as a person." - Private Gerald Yandura, Vietnam Veteran

"I have participated in several activities sponsored by Roots for Boots. We took supplies to Fisher House and had a great time putting on a picnic for the residents! We also went to Crownsville Veteran Cemetery to remove flags from the graves after Memorial Day which was truly an honor. The most amazing thing is the book of poems written by a Vet with PTSD. That book has touched so many people's lives for so much good. I served my country in the Navy and now I am helping Roots for Boots share their passion for helping our service members and families. The list of service to the Military community continues to grow - thank you for helping to serve those who serve! My heart is full of pride for the CEO and Roots for Boots." - Karen, local business owner and Veteran

"Christy Lucas, CEO Roots for Boots, had a dream. Her dream was to start a non-profit business that would benefit our service men and women. Christy’s perseverance and prayer allowed for her to conquer that dream. She is an amazing person who admires our servicemen and women. Her enthusiasm shows by organizing events throughout the year that raise money to help our servicemen and women during difficult times, reminding us of why we have our freedom. Many words can describe Christy, but the three words that best describe her are Red, White, and Blue. She truly obligates her time to help make a difference in the lives of those brave men and women serving to keep our country free and our heroic veterans." - Tiffany, local educator

"Roots for Boots and CEO/co-founder, Christy Lucas, are all about serving their country and doing for others. The heart and passion put into each service person's needs is amazing and contagious but so typical of Christy. I look forward to watching Roots help even more servicemen and women." - Erin, local community member