It All Began WIth a Simple Question!

The formation of Roots for Boots began at a sports signing event where an enthusiastic educator met a Marine motivator and discovered common interests. Christy Lucas was serving as Principal of Annunciation B.V.M. School in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania where she used that platform each school day to model for students virtues, patriotism, love of country and respect for our veterans and military. Sonny Tannan, a United States Marine with a background in business development, always had a passion for giving back and serving not only his country, but his community as well.  As Christy searched, unsuccessfully, for an organization to assist servicemen and women in a more hands on way, it was at a school  Veterans Day assembly that Sonny posed the question ... Why don't you start your own thing?  It was at that moment that Christy realized she would be stepping down as Principal in order to devote her time to creating a non-profit that involved community support and provided direct assistance to our military heroes and their families.

Sonny supported and encouraged Christy to dream beyond the boundaries of the community that she currently inspired. They diligently worked to form the foundation of Roots for Boots in order to better meet the needs and challenges of our veterans, active duty and military families, giving rise to a grassroots nonprofit, Roots for Boots . It was important to Christy that the community play a vital role in giving back to those who protect and defend our freedom, both past and present. Knowing that Sonny is always there to provide support and advisement, Christy has evolved as the driving force behind the non-profit,  bringing to fruition its core values to Serve, Educate and Inspire.

Roots for Boots provides opportunities for community members to use their gifts, talents and resources to assist in addressing the specific needs and challenges of our servicemen and women. In essence, ordinary citizens now have the opportunity to serve their country by assisting those who sacrificed in the name of freedom.

Call to Action

The goal of Roots for Boots is to meet the current needs and future challenges of military families, predominantly in rural areas.  This grassroots organization attempts to simplify the process of locating services and funds available to our servicemen and women by providing a single source for information and/or assistance regarding their specific needs and interests.

Christy Lucas

CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer)

Sonny Tannan

"Christy will always be grateful to Sonny for his support!"


Because we love our nation's defenders and the red, white and blue, you served with honor, now let us serve you ...


  • Serve ...  Our deep-seeded desire to help
  • Educate ... Down to earth knowledge of how freedom was won and preserved
  • Inspire ... Tapping into the gifts, talents and resources of the community

Roots for Boots is a down to earth organization that offers members of the community opportunities to use their skills, talents and resources to engage, connect with  and support veterans, active duty and military families in more direct and local ways.  Please see the  “News and Events” tab on the “Home” page for details.